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Welcome at LuMa-Tec Handlingsysteme

LuMa-Tec is present worldwide and at home in Bavaria. From Hofheim, LuMa-Tec develops and produces extrusion systems and the respective successor models, as well as special machines for plastics processing for national and international clients and markets.


Our highly automated production lines are used in manufacturing facilities all over the world. Our goal is to make extrusion processes safer. This includes, for example, controlling temperatures and other parameters in the production process very precisely. We will achieve this in the future through a very high degree of automation in process control in our newly developed LuMa-Tec production lines.

LuMa-Tec Handlingsystem GmbH






LUMA-TEC - Time for new ideas

We know your challenges!
Your customers are demanding smaller and smaller quantities with shorter delivery times.
In addition, a constantly changing market environment that requires maximum flexibility - with consistently high quality and increasing cost pressure..



Time for new ideas!
We increase your competitiveness through future-proof investments in the most intelligent extrusion technology, which offers you noticeable advantages in terms of productivity, flexibility, reliability and product quality.  


We want to develop the most intelligent automation solutions worldwide - that is our demand.

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