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LuMa-Tec Mechanical Engineering

Modern production processes are inconceivable without highly technically optimized machines and industrial plants. Automation and control technology have reached a level of complexity that is not practicable without specific programming and user-friendly software.

All of these factors must meet the local conditions. This also applies in particular to extrusion lines. This means that every extrusion line, machine or system is planned, designed and manufactured according to a special requirement profile.  

Machines and systems must work reliably, maintenance and repairs should be calculable and manageable, efficiency and environmental factors must be taken into account.  

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And this is where the entrepreneurial skills of LuMa-Tec Handlingsystem lie:

  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Design
  • Development
  • Software Design
  • Project planning
  • Process optimization
  • Maintanance

About us

The joint venture between Schlemmer Group and LuMa-Tec Hofheim emerged from our medium-sized company "Control & Solar Technology Rainer Dauelsberg", which continues to operate successfully under different management and serves national and international customers as before. LuMa-Tec was 100% taken over by LuMa-Tec Handlingsysteme GmbH in February 2020.